A New Astrology: Basics of Star Wisdom

Recordings available on November 6th

With Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer

Series One – Recordings will be available on November 6th

For beginners and experienced astrologers and astrosophers. There are no programs in Western sidereal astrology based in anthroposophy. So we begin at the beginning.

The dazzling beings of the heavens influence our lives intimately. Consider the idea that your first breath was not random, but rather coordinated with heavenly positions and movements. It’s a hypothesis, that we will help you learn to evaluate, true or not-true. The three presenters have extensive experience in star wisdom. We will assist you to learn to read your own chart (and we will provide you with your birth chart), and we intend to teach you to learn to read the birth-moment-charts of others. We will use the instrument of the StarHouse (Boulder, Colorado) to assist in this exploration.

To assist you to know yourself better—to read your own chart—and then to learn how to read charts of others. For people serious about self-knowledge, and assisting others.

First Meeting – October 1st: Wonder

The heavens seem so far away—or are they? Evidence of their influence in our lives comes first into our physical bodies. We find the path to stars and planets through the physical body. Rudolf Steiner recommended that one begin one’s exploration of cosmos and existence through wonder at the physical level, and we will do just that. We will begin the approach to your sidereal birthchart that we have provided—(send day, year, time, place of your first breath prior to the first session).

Second Meeting – October 8th: The Zodiac in depth.

The activity of the twelve great beings of the zodiac was revealed to the initiates of ancient times and passed onto us. What was the imagination of Zarathustra gazing into the heavens?

Third Meeting – October 15th: The planets as purveyors of feeling.

The Sun and Moon dominate our experience of the sky, and yet there are wandering stars—the planets—that engage our attention—when Venus shines out strongly, or Jupiter chases Saturn for a rare conjunction. How can we demonstrate the impacts of these planets upon our lives? How can we work with the existence and movement of these planets against the backdrop of the zodiac?

Fourth Meeting – October 22nd: Aspects—qualities of relationship

Key to our life of feeling are the interactions between the different planetary bodies—their quality of relationships with each other.

Fifth Meeting – October 29th: Houses and the human life cycle

Houses give the most delicate details of how the first breath works with the celestial alignments and activities to give a full picture of the human being’s choices to engage with their lives.

Cost: $150 for 5 Sessions

StarHouse Member Discount: $130


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Brian Gray, teacher at Rudolf Steiner College for thirty-eight years, author of star wisdom articles (Journal for Star Wisdom) and presenter via internet videos (WiseCosmos.org)

Robert Schiappacasse, for many years an Administrator and School Director in the Waldorf school movement, a student of astrosophy pioneer Willi Sucher, author in star wisdom (Journal for Star Wisdom) and co-author of Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner.

David Tresemer, Ph.D., founder of StarHouse, author in star wisdom (Journal for Star Wisdom and other books), co-author of Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner

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