StarHouse Kirtan

Chanting in-the-round in the sacred Temple of the StarHouse is an extradorinary joy and privilege. We warmly invite you to join us in this uplifting and deep experience as we weave mantra with movement and meditation, accompanied by skilled musicians.


The chants are easy to learn and all are welcome whether this is your first time or you have established your own practice for years. Led by Scott and Shanti Medina, we are joined by Gayan Gregory Long, Eyal Rivlin and a hundred voices (that’s YOU) in a powerful evening that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home.


Tickets are offered on a sliding scale from $20 – $25, payable in cash or check only at the door. No advanced tickets are sold. Doors open at 7:15pm and we encourage you to carpool. For more information, please visit

Way of Nature

In the Wildlands of StarHouse

Experiential and playful, this weekend immersion offers foundational teachings of wilderness survival with an emphasis on initiation and soulful connection to the natural world.


What will you learn?

Survival and long-term shelter, primitive fire and fire uses, tracking, awareness, bird-language, plant identification and uses, teachings on ritual and initiation.


Who is this for?

Guides, educators, nature lovers, mentors, those seeking to deepen their relationship to the natural world through hands-on-skills and ritual.


Details & Dates:


Level 1: May 23rd-24th


Level 1: June 13th-14:



Pricing: $350. Register by April 1st for early bird pricing of $300.


Location: 3472 Sunshine Canyon Drive,

Boulder, CO, 80302


Registration deadline: May 5th, 2020


To Register go to:

StarHouse Mysteries

Friday evening 6:30 – 9:00 and /Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm – Lunch included on Saturday.


Learn the keys, codes and geometries that make the Temple unique in the world.

Discover how to use this sacred site and connect directly to Earth and Star wisdom.


StarHouse is a Temple of Sacred Structure, supported by the Temples of Nature—wild nature surrounding it, and cultivated nature in our organic gardens on the property.


The Mysteries of StarHouse series began in the autumn of 2019 to introduce some of the keys, codes, and activations of this sacred instrument. Saturday lunch is catered and included.


$350 ($325 StarHouse Members—(scholarships available by application)


March 27-28. StarHouse Mysteries, Level One : Friday, 6:30-9:00 pm, and Saturday, 9:30-5:30​​


May 8-9. StarHouse Mysteries, Level One


July 10-11. StarHouse Mysteries, Level One


July 12. StarHouse Mysteries, Level Two : Sunday, 9:00-5:00


November 20-21. StarHouse Mysteries, Level One

Awakening Inner Union- Men and Women Workshop

EVENT CANCELED You are invited to an Awakening Inner Union of masculine and feminine event guided by Juliet Haines and supported by Steven Dedrick.  This event is an introductory workshop.

Juliet is an international teacher and facilitator. She has guided thousands of men and women across the world on this path of awakening and transformation.

Awakening Inner Union is a body of work which guides singles and couples on a journey of transformation through the union of the masculine and feminine essences within themselves. This is the artful embodiment of present love with self, others and the world. It is a foundation for being in intimate relationship as a gift for transformation into living highest potential.

During this event you will be guided into a practice to invite the divine masculine and the divine feminine to drop through the layers of protection that arise in the intimate relating with other and the world. These tender places are met in present love and integrated into the heart and wholeness. With this deepened inner union the love is reflected in the relating, where man and woman artfully dance together. The relating can be seen as a gift to meet more of yourself, and to express who you truly are in the world.

Singles and couples are welcome.


  • Discover the three layers of the masculine and feminine.
  • Embrace the masculine and feminine essences within.
  • Open to consciousness meeting form through the head, heart and belly.
  • Explore how relationship, sexuality and love has been shaped through conditioning and the collective.
  • Discover your sexual essence as creative fire, opening into your heart and purpose.
  • Work with polarity, embracing the dance by integrating the pushes and pulls, openings and closings, desires and fears, into love.
  • Explore the shadow and the light of the archetypal patterns in relating between man and woman to release unconscious strategies.
  • Embrace the gift of the mirror, awakening the projection outside of self and turning this inwards to meet more of yourself.
  • Receive the blueprint of opening the divine union in your relating with self, other and the world.


Awakening the Deep Feminine

Join us in this sacred temple for an evening that will shift the course of your life forever. Together we will open a vast and untapped portal of wisdom, deep self-knowing, and connection with the divine feminine.


You have a great oracle within your own body: Do you know that you already have the answer to every question that you ask yourself? Every time you face a choice in life your cervix either softens or tenses, telling you yes or no. And it never lies. But do you know how to listen? Your cervix is a vast and untapped resource of wisdom, self-knowing, connection with the divine.

Do you long to feel more connected to life, to the Earth, to your Soul? Coming into relationship with your cervix is the way to get there. The cervix is not just a gateway to pleasure and wisdom, but it is also a portal into realizing that you are the Earth. One of the first times that I intentionally contacted my cervix, I felt my very skin bloom and blossom as I experienced BEING the Earth. Can you imagine what would happen to our Earth and to global warming if women across the globe began to have this kind of experience? How would we treat the Earth if we knew our Earth was our own body? The cervix is the shortest pathway I know to realizing this truth with all of your being.


As we open to the divine feminine field through this gateway many women experience levels of connection that have previously been unavailable. In this workshop we begin the healing that makes this new level of pleasure possible and we discover what makes this area so special on both a biological and spiritual level.


In this evening workshop, we will be delving into the cultivation of sacred relationship with the divine feminine field. We will do some embodiment exercises and I will guide each of you to awaken the sleeping aspects of the feminine and together we will cry out from the great collective feminine heart. Then we will come into a quiet place of deep reverence and conversation with our cervixes. We will find a different way of relating with the Divine feminine: one of respect and consent.


In this evening together, we will engage in sacred ceremony, weaving a powerful community of wombyn and embark together on a journey of a thousand lifetimes: the journey of coming to truly know who we really are as women of the Earth.


Early bird discount: The first few women to register will receive a significantly discounted registration. This event is very likely to sell out quickly as all of my previous Starhouse events have.


Inclusivity: We welcome all humans who identify as “woman”. Having a physical cervix is not a requirement for this workshop.


About Maura: Maura Leigh Grace is a powerful teacher and ceremonialist who received her Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She is a certified Hakomi Practitioner and studied group facilitation through the Matrix Leadership Institute. She has many additional years of training in Somatic Experiencing and other trauma healing modalities and has studied the shamanic arts extensively. For more than a decade she has dedicated her life to the study of the art of being an embodied and awakened woman and being in deep reciprocity with Earth and with Life. She combines these and many other sources of deep spiritual truth to help women and men wake up to their true wisdom, sensuality, power, and potential.


Are you ready to discover who you really, really, really are and to begin living your life from that sacred place?

Ecstatic Dance

Come “sweat your prayers” with us! Please join us for Ecstatic Dance Boulder once a month, every second Tuesday! We are blessed to return to the StarHouse!


Ecstatic Dance is a journey of self-discovery through music & movement for exercise, stress release, emotional expression, and celebration of life. There are no moves to learn–just dance however it feels good to you. It’s freeform dance to a varied mix of organic and electronic beats in a warm, playful, inclusive community. No previous experience necessary.


We will provide a special sound healing in addition to the dance.


The price for our community dance is $2o plus $5 to support the StarHouse Sustainability Fund click link for more information.


Register Here: TICKETS


This event sells out and pre-registration is important. If we have walk-in tickets available they will be given on a first come first served basis. We do not offer refunds or transfers to other classes. If you would like to transfer your ticket to another dancer, you must organize that yourself.


Please carpool so we can preserve the pristine nature!


7:00pm: Mellow music for arrival, stretching, & warm-up

7:30pm: Brief welcome

7:30pm-8:45pm: Main dance set

8:45pm: Sound Healing Meditation and Closing Circle

Music provided by resident DJ Simona.


Please read our Ecstatic Dance Guidelines here:

http://www.ecstaticdanceboulder.comFeel free to arrive or leave at any time, but we believe the journey is best experienced as a whole: please try to arrive before 7:30pm. The music will be a mix of electronic and organic beats from around the globe—with a focus on the cutting edge of music production—including some novel remixes of beloved classics. The journey will open with flowing music to warm-up the body, steadily pick up in tempo & intensity to reach peaks of ecstasy, and gently land into meditative, heart-chakra stillness. (Note: There will be some powerful bass at moments, but we don’t get into trance or rave music.)

During the journey we play a very wide variety of music across different genres. If there’s a song you don’t prefer or that doesn’t seem danceable at first, we invite you to be curious and try to discover it in your body. Or use it as an opportunity to work with the judgements that arise. Or hold witness for how others are feeling the music. Or take a break to visit our altar or get some water. Just know that the music keeps changing, so something different is coming soon.


Resident DJ Simona settled in Boulder with the intention of helping develop a local Ecstatic Dance community. Simona is a DJ in service of conscious movement, drawing her own longtime practices of Ecstatic Dance and 5 Rhythms for inspiration. She’s known for her seamless journeys of eclectic and wide-ranging music. Simona has DJ’d for 100+ dances since 2011. In recent years, she’s been leading sound healing cacao ceremonies in Boulder.


With love and blessings,

Simona Musilkova


For more information please visit

Sacred Sound and Cosmic Cacao

PLEASE NOTE TIME for this event is 1:30 – 4:30 not 6:30 – 10:00.

Full Moon at the enchanted Star House – being taken care of by the love and magic of Brie and Bjorn during this beautifully held cacao and sound ceremony?

If there are residual stuck patterns holding you back from stepping into your full power and purpose – we will be utilizing this amazing modality, location and date to laser focus on revealing hidden self sabotaging programs and beliefs in order to release them and move forward into an even clearer, aligned and more loving 2020 version of ourselves.

Brie and Bjorn are holding space for your radical self expression in alignment with your truest GIFT in connection with and serving the Collective.

This is a great opportunity to re-discover, excavate, bring up to speed, upgrade and fully commit to YOUrself!

Holding each other in this process, supporting and encouraging – giving full permission to LET GO and start using our WINGS – permission to ourselves and each other.

Sound Wizard Bjorn is creating a magical space with frequency codes consisting of gong, crystal bowls, didgeridoo and so much more – while Bridget is going around fine-tuning energies and releasing old self destructive patterns with her healing touch – while the potent ceremonial grade cacao is helping us open our hearts in order to receive and experience the LOVE we need.

Join us on this journey from the head into our HEARTS.

Bringing together and embodying Heaven AND Earth.


The Breakthrough Experience

Groundwork for a liberated life free of struggle, worry, and exhaustion!


Come join us for a special opportunity to journey with internationally renowned healer and founder of Breath of Love, Julia Mikk, through a life-changing breath-sound-healing-ceremony.


You will experience profound emotional relief, touch deep inner peace, and access clear soul guidance for your life!

  • Find liberation from worry and overwhelm.
  • Access deep inner peace and find out how to sustain it no matter what’s happening around you. Become the eye of the storm where the sun is always shining.
  • Let your body heal. Release the stress and tension you have carried for months, if not years!
  • Know your worth, and find deep self-confidence where other people’s opinions or expectations don’t bother or limit you any longer.
  • Access the freedom to be fully authentically in your power of your unique gifts and talents! Stop holding yourself back from going for what you desire to create in life!
  • Tap into the power of your Soul Purpose. Stop staying in situations that are not honoring of you. Get clear on your dreams and desires and start moving towards them with courage and confidence.


Make sure to register before then! You’ll save $20.


Click here to learn more and to register for The Breakthrough Experience


Julia Mikk, born in Estonia and now living in the U.S., is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, bestselling author, and founder of Breath of Love work. During the last 20 years she has worked with thousands of people worldwide.


Julia’s sessions instantly change people’s lives. Her clients come from many different countries to experience the Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody the courage to live their soul purpose using this very same powerful healing process that will be introduced in this 3.5 hour workshop.


Many have said that it’s like no other healing work style out there. It is very powerful, incredibly efficient and quick in its ability to break through stagnant patterns. Yet, even though the work comes with a powerful force of light, it also offers an astounding depth of Divine Feminine gentleness and nourishment.


Click here to learn more and to register for The Breakthrough Experience

Circling Up with Melissa Michaels & Friends

Too often, we stand alone.

We compete. We compare. We judge. We fight. We freeze. We shrink. We separate.

We forget…

That we, as women, need each other.


We need each other to be clear mirrors for one another, loving allies, generous friends. We need each other to inspire creativity. We need each other to lend a hand. We need each other to honor the power and vulnerability that we all feel. We need each other to help us up when we are falling. We need each other to stand by our sides when we are stepping up.We need each other to protect and serve life in ways that we can only do together.


So let’s CIRCLE UP!


We will step out of the day-to-day demands, investing in our bodies, hearts, and souls.


We will dance.

Into the warmth of our hearts, reweaving the fabric of women as allies.


We will dance until there is nothing left, but our most authentic selves intimately dancing within our sisterhood.Let’s gather.


Find our ground. Open our hearts. Be in our truths.





Women of all generations are welcome.

All who identify as female are welcome.



Activate Your New Reality

Experience a profound liberation from worry and self-sabotage. Pave a powerful new path for ease, prosperity and living your bigger purpose in 2020!


Are you a health-loving person who has done yoga, read your share of self-help books, attended healing workshops, and perhaps had some powerful spiritual glimpses, but when it comes to your everyday reality you still struggle with overwhelm, anxiety and the feeling that something is missing?


Come join us for a rare opportunity to journey with internationally renowned healer and founder of Breath of Love, Julia Mikk, through a life-changing breath-sound-healing-ceremony.


You will experience a profound emotional relief, touch deep inner peace, and access clear Soul Guidance for your life!


Click here to learn more and to register for Activate Your New Reality


You will:

  • Find out what it feels like to have profound clarity, and pure peace permeate your whole body and mind.
  • Re-calibrate your nervous system and rewire yourself to a new neural process that paves the powerful pathway for creating a fulfilling life by design.
  • Open the channels to connect with your Soul’s clear guidance.
  • Manifest your bigger vision and purpose with courage and confidence in this new year to come.


Make sure to register before then! You’ll save $20.


“Beyond bliss, working with Julia was a journey to my pure self. I directly experienced the powerful love and light of the universe and felt myself expand and return to that state of being. I have never felt so aligned, so open to receive the beauty and gifts of the universe! I feel completely clear, cleaned out, connected, peaceful and calm. No longer do my thoughts spiral into anxiety or worry.” -Laura Hodge, healer, Ojai, CA


Julia Mikk, born in Estonia and now living in the U.S., is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, bestselling author, and founder of Breath of Love work. During the last 20 years she has worked with thousands of people worldwide.


Julia’s sessions instantly change people’s lives. Her clients come from many different countries to experience the Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody the courage to live their soul purpose using this very same powerful healing process that will be introduced in this 3.5 hour workshop.


Many have said that it’s like no other healing work style out there. It is very powerful, incredibly efficient and quick in its ability to break through stagnant patterns. Yet, even though the work comes with a powerful force of light, it also offers an astounding depth of Divine Feminine gentleness and nourishment.






StarHouse Full Moon

Come, gather and join the “living conversation” between sun and moon! StarHouse has celebrated this opportunity for over 29 years and the sacred container is alive and open to the energies present at the full moon.
Being present and entering into this conversation is nurture for body, soul and spirit. There will be quiet time to listen with our hearts and time to share. Facilitated by StarHouse Head Minister, Candice Knight.

All are warmly welcome. Please arrive at 6:45

Investment: Tickets only available at the door. Cash or check made out to ASC.

$20 at the door includes a $5 contribution to the StarHouse Sustainability Fund, for more information click link. $15 for Members

StarHouse Candle Drive – Feb 2 to Mar 20

A seasonal invitation to support The StarHouse, inspired by Imbolc and the return of the light.


In 2019, we welcome community engagement through fundraisers aligned with the Wheel of the Year – starting with this Candle Drive! Together, we can keep StarHouse fully supplied with the candles that dress the temple in a magical glow.


WHAT: Donate to fund StarHouse candles at a level that works for you!


WHEN: February 2 to March 20 (Imbolc to Vernal Equinox)


WHERE + HOW: Click here to make your selection and donation

Ceremonial Arts Training

 Bring the Sacred Art of Ceremony fully into your life!

In the tradition of the StarHouse’s Path of the Ceremonial Arts for Men and Women, we are pleased to offer the Ceremonial Arts Program at the StarHouse in 2020. Ceremony helps us to bring the Sacred into everyday living, as we take time to connect with Spirit with the wisdom that every moment and every being is sacred. Throughout time, Ceremony and Ritual have unified people and created common ground for building

the future. Learn to harness the power of ceremony, for the earth, our communities and ourselves through intention, invitation, and activation. 


The Ceremonial Arts Training offers the tools to access and work with the power of ceremony in the
safe, energized container of the StarHouse, which was built through and for the ceremonial arts. This
sacred temple is designed to open hearts to the magic of ritual. (Photo of SH altar here)
In this highly interactive, experiential training, you will learn to… 

● Access and activate the power of the unseen to support yourself, your community, the world.

● Create and hold sacred space for spiritual/physical/emotional insight and healing.
● Apply the practical tools and responsibilities of holding sacred space.
● Use nature as a ceremonial container.
● Invite and collaborate with allies and energies in the unseen world.
● Create meaningful personal and public ceremonies.
● Empower and transform through greater self-awareness.


Ceremonial Arts Training Dates: 
Sunday, May 31, 9:00 – 5:00
Sunday, June 28th, 9:00 – 5:00
Sunday, July 19th, 9:00 – 5:00
Saturday – Sunday, July 25-26 Optional gathering at a mountain camping retreat near Vail to learn,
practice and play in nature. Includes creekside campsite, ceremonial activities, and meals.(additional fee required*)
Sunday, August 9th, 9:00 – 5:00
Sunday, September 13th, 9:00 – 5:00

40 hours of coursework and training with two mentor-teachers. Investment in your ceremonial life: $1100, *plus $200 for optional weekend mountain retreat Early-bird Special $999 through April 12. SPECIAL BONUS – $100 off the optional mountain weekend retreat, July 25-26 with paid Early-bird registration by May 1. $200 deposit reserves your spot! Payment plans available.

Ceremonial Arts Program facilitators

Deeply steeped in the StarHouse lineage, your facilitators, Candice Knight and Susie Kincade invite you to this exciting discovery and development of the ceremonial artist with you. 

Please feel free to contact Candice Knight, 303-882-9322 or Susie Kincade 970-328-5472 for a consultation. Learn more about Candice at and about susie at


Celebration of Gratitude

This sacred place is in need of some essential investments.

We welcome your contribution to what most enlivens YOU!

ILLUMINATION of this sacred place and all it offers via:

GOAL: $4,550

  • Improved Lighting for The StarHouse, Retreat Cabin & Pathways
  • and a Website Redesign

PHYSICAL EMBRACE – provide building care and maintenance to include:

GOAL: $9,525  
  • Window Replacements
  • Floor Refinishing
  • Entryway Staining & Painting

DREAMS & VISIONS – empower the future through:

GOAL: $10,000
  • Sacred Arts Practitioner Program Scholarship Fund
  • Seeding the Dream of a Fellowship Hall (next to the Water House)

Want to contribute?

Click here to make an online donation:  

Become a StarHouse Member!

How has your connection to StarHouse enriched your life? Transformed your journey? Rejuvenated your spirit? What can you give back to the StarHouse for the essential spiritual fulfillment it gives you?


We want to take this opportunity to invite you to renew your active participation in the StarHouse evolution. If you are a current member, thank you! At this time in our Earth’s history, your involvement is more important than ever. Please consider growing your commitment to the StarHouse this year and note the opportunities we’ve created to bring your friends and businesses to the StarHouse. In response to the StarHouse call to deepen, we have expanded the membership benefits. They will enhance your connection and feed the sacred ground.


If you haven’t yet become a member please take a moment to reflect on your relationship to this unique temple. What is it worth to you to have this sanctuary available for your spiritual growth and connection to the earth? We hope you will support that which supports you, and trust you will find a level of commitment that fits you.


Joining has never been easier. Make a one-time contribution or have your membership fee automatically withdrawn from your account on a monthly basis. This is easier for you and helps us budget and plan. Complete the process once and rest in the knowledge that your love and support continues.


Thank you for taking the time to review your membership options and know that you are always held within the energy of StarHouse.


With Love and Respect,


StarHouse and All Seasons Chalice

☆ Our Mission Statement

All Seasons Chalice provides sacred ground for spiritual and ceremonial practice based on love of the Divine, honor for all beings, earth stewardship, and seasonal and celestial community celebrations.


“All Seasons Chalice & The StarHouse were co-founded and constructed by a small group of people dedicated to the principles of Sacred Geometry, StarWisdom, Sacred Union, Mythical Theatre and Community Ceremony. This beautiful, land-based temple was built between 1989-90. Since then we’ve served as a sacred meeting place for humanity and the Divine as a living temple offering itself to the world in the spirit of Trans-denominational spirituality and the unity of all faiths and traditions. We have served spiritual seekers in the Front Range and beyond for over 20 years and welcome you.”


In 2008 the Boulder County Commission granted ASC and The StarHouse the distinction of being a “place of community significance.” We’re proud to have served spiritual seekers in the Front Range and beyond for nearly 20 years and welcome you.”

☆ Update on StarHouse Transition

Thank you for your interest in StarHouse and All Seasons Chalice


We remain in a dynamic process to transition from private ownership to sustainable stewardship. We seek to discover a cooperative model of governance while honoring this community resource and the meaningful programs that occur here on this sacred land. We are very open to suggestions or ideas regarding this inquiry!


If you feel a resonance and cohesion with our mission and vision below, please provide your email address for more information and an invitation to join us at a future event.


Thank you,

Lila & David Tresemer

We at The StarHouse continue to Listen Deeply to the Temple and the Land with the intention to co-create and discover how to be the most relevant and vibrant sacred space that we can be! StarHouse was designed from principles of sacred geometry, and is dedicated to the transformational potential of Self, Community and Earth.


We are a Sacred Space, surrounded by Sacred Nature. Our Mission Statement reveals that we are devoted to providing sacred ground and to honoring all beings. We love weaving together communities of spirit, and are dedicated to finding common vision amongst all manner of authentic spiritual pursuits.


Our Objectives:

  • To enliven human beings to personal transformation—Self-realization.
  • To train capacities in human beings to engage spiritual principles and powers in service of Earth-realization during this unprecedented time of need on the planet.
  • To support the worthy initiatives of those who become Partners of StarHouse.
  • To work together as Partners for the betterment of the world.

Over and over, The StarHouse has offered depth and inspiration through ceremony and high-spirited work which extend value, caring, and inspiration to people and places in need. It is our intention to continue to pulse the unique blend of multi-faith programs from this place!


We hope you will join us during this exciting time of transition and global growth.

☆ Map of Sacred Sites

The StarHouse land is blessed with many sacred sites, including:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
  • The StarHouse and Surrounding Standing Stones
  • Two Walkable Labyrinths
  • Mary’s Well
  • A Geodesic Dome
  • A Tetractys
  • A Goddess Grove Blessed by Kuan Yin

Sacred Sites Image Gallery

Click Map Below to Download It

Host An Event

StarHouse Event Pricing

Effective January 2020

The StarHouse is minutes from Boulder on a vast expanse of calm and quiet land at 7000 feet altitude.  This property is cared for in many ways: it is certified organic; biodynamic practices are used on the land; Much attention has been given to stewarding sacred sites throughout the property which offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature, self, and source.  The StarHouse is truly unique. Built with sacred geometric and esoteric design principles, it offers finely tuned “energetic” support to your event. Inquire for more information.


All Seasons Chalice, the nonprofit that stewards The StarHouse, strives to host a variety of enriching events that serve the local and global community.  In order to maximize value across multiple bottom lines, we have a pricing and contract terms tailored to Workshops, Community Events, and Private Ceremonial Celebrations.

Workshop / Retreats / Concerts / Presentations

The StarHouse is an extraordinary place to hold workshops, training’s, and retreats.  Participants have access to acres of land with hiking trails, sacred sites, and incredible views.  Facilitators can create an immersive experience that allows participants to fully let go of the busy world and connect with nature, self, and source. 
Workshop / RetreatMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Evening 5:30-10PM$250$250$250$250$300$350$350
Mid Day 12:30-5:30PM$200$200$200$200$200$250$250
Morning 8-12:30PM$200$200$200$200$200$250$250

Sustainability Fund  (Effective January 1, 2020)

Partner agrees to collect a $5 contribution from each event participant for the StarHouse Sustainability Fund. This fee can be added to ticket price/registration with transparency and an explanation as to what the contribution supports.


All Seasons Chalice is the non-profit 501 3 (c) that manages and maintains the StarHouse. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2020 with an intention for sustainability to support the next evolution of this Sacred Temple. Our Boulder County zoning limits our number of visitors to 8000 per year. This number divided by operating expenses translates to $24 per visitor. In the past, the StarHouse, surrounding Land, and Sacred Sites, have been subsidized by an endowment that is no longer available as a resource, for many years expenses have exceeded income. Your contribution supports a sustainability fund for the operating costs for StarHouse to include:

  • Maintenance and Structure Improvements
  • Road and parking lot maintenance
  • Property taxes
  • Plowing
  • Water
  • Fire wood
  • Insurance
  • Utilities

We appreciate your support as a StarHouse Sustainer! Together, we hold Sacred Structure surrounded by Sacred Nature for generations to come. You are a vital part in Transforming Life on Earth through programs and offerings at our Sacred Temple!

Temple Keepers

We understand that every event is unique and want to ensure you have the most optimal experience on the land and in StarHouse Temple.  A StarHouse Temple Keeper is trained in the practical and subtle aspects needed to ensure smooth operation of your event. We typically require a Temple Keeper to attend and support you event in exchange for participation.  If the content of your work is such that this model is not a fit, a temple keeper with work with your staff to support operations for $20 / hr. If this is the case please contact us.


Temple Keepers

For every StarHouse Community Event there are volunteer Keepers who are trained to tend both the physical and energetic needs of the space as well as event facilitators and participants. For your records, Keepers attend events free of charge so do not include them in your tabulations for event proceeds. Depending on the size of the event 1-3 Keepers will be necessary. ASC’s Keeper guidelines are as follows:


  • 0-40 expected participants 1 Keeper
  • 41-80 expected participants 2 Keepers
  • 81 and beyond expected participants 3+ Keepers



Private Ceremonial Celebrations

This applies to Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other private celebrations.  More info to come.  See linked PDF for current information.