Awakening Inner Union- Men and Women Workshop

Saturday, March 14th 12:30-5:30

EVENT CANCELED You are invited to an Awakening Inner Union of masculine and feminine event guided by Juliet Haines and supported by Steven Dedrick.  This event is an introductory workshop.

Juliet is an international teacher and facilitator. She has guided thousands of men and women across the world on this path of awakening and transformation.

Awakening Inner Union is a body of work which guides singles and couples on a journey of transformation through the union of the masculine and feminine essences within themselves. This is the artful embodiment of present love with self, others and the world. It is a foundation for being in intimate relationship as a gift for transformation into living highest potential.

During this event you will be guided into a practice to invite the divine masculine and the divine feminine to drop through the layers of protection that arise in the intimate relating with other and the world. These tender places are met in present love and integrated into the heart and wholeness. With this deepened inner union the love is reflected in the relating, where man and woman artfully dance together. The relating can be seen as a gift to meet more of yourself, and to express who you truly are in the world.

Singles and couples are welcome.


  • Discover the three layers of the masculine and feminine.
  • Embrace the masculine and feminine essences within.
  • Open to consciousness meeting form through the head, heart and belly.
  • Explore how relationship, sexuality and love has been shaped through conditioning and the collective.
  • Discover your sexual essence as creative fire, opening into your heart and purpose.
  • Work with polarity, embracing the dance by integrating the pushes and pulls, openings and closings, desires and fears, into love.
  • Explore the shadow and the light of the archetypal patterns in relating between man and woman to release unconscious strategies.
  • Embrace the gift of the mirror, awakening the projection outside of self and turning this inwards to meet more of yourself.
  • Receive the blueprint of opening the divine union in your relating with self, other and the world.


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