Awakening the Deep Feminine

Saturday, February 22nd 6:00-9:00

Join us in this sacred temple for an evening that will shift the course of your life forever. Together we will open a vast and untapped portal of wisdom, deep self-knowing, and connection with the divine feminine.


You have a great oracle within your own body: Do you know that you already have the answer to every question that you ask yourself? Every time you face a choice in life your cervix either softens or tenses, telling you yes or no. And it never lies. But do you know how to listen? Your cervix is a vast and untapped resource of wisdom, self-knowing, connection with the divine.

Do you long to feel more connected to life, to the Earth, to your Soul? Coming into relationship with your cervix is the way to get there. The cervix is not just a gateway to pleasure and wisdom, but it is also a portal into realizing that you are the Earth. One of the first times that I intentionally contacted my cervix, I felt my very skin bloom and blossom as I experienced BEING the Earth. Can you imagine what would happen to our Earth and to global warming if women across the globe began to have this kind of experience? How would we treat the Earth if we knew our Earth was our own body? The cervix is the shortest pathway I know to realizing this truth with all of your being.


As we open to the divine feminine field through this gateway many women experience levels of connection that have previously been unavailable. In this workshop we begin the healing that makes this new level of pleasure possible and we discover what makes this area so special on both a biological and spiritual level.


In this evening workshop, we will be delving into the cultivation of sacred relationship with the divine feminine field. We will do some embodiment exercises and I will guide each of you to awaken the sleeping aspects of the feminine and together we will cry out from the great collective feminine heart. Then we will come into a quiet place of deep reverence and conversation with our cervixes. We will find a different way of relating with the Divine feminine: one of respect and consent.


In this evening together, we will engage in sacred ceremony, weaving a powerful community of wombyn and embark together on a journey of a thousand lifetimes: the journey of coming to truly know who we really are as women of the Earth.


Early bird discount: The first few women to register will receive a significantly discounted registration. This event is very likely to sell out quickly as all of my previous Starhouse events have.


Inclusivity: We welcome all humans who identify as “woman”. Having a physical cervix is not a requirement for this workshop.


About Maura: Maura Leigh Grace is a powerful teacher and ceremonialist who received her Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. She is a certified Hakomi Practitioner and studied group facilitation through the Matrix Leadership Institute. She has many additional years of training in Somatic Experiencing and other trauma healing modalities and has studied the shamanic arts extensively. For more than a decade she has dedicated her life to the study of the art of being an embodied and awakened woman and being in deep reciprocity with Earth and with Life. She combines these and many other sources of deep spiritual truth to help women and men wake up to their true wisdom, sensuality, power, and potential.


Are you ready to discover who you really, really, really are and to begin living your life from that sacred place?

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