Cacao and Breathwork to Open Your Heart and Mind – ONSITE

Saturday, July 25th 10:00 - 12:30

We will be using the magic of cacao and the power of breath to reconnect you with yourself and recharge your energy!

Our intention is to drop you into the present moment so that you can see that you have more abundance, freedom and happiness by living in the now.

We combine the proven scientific benefits and ancient wisdom of these practices with our unique and welcoming presence – we are inspired by loving, learning, serving, creating and being joyful beings.

The most powerful thing about this event is that you get to take this transformation home with you and the tools we share are always available to you once you realize you hold them within!

*It is suggested to not eat at least two hours prior to the workshop*

*Please leave cell phones, watches and all technology in the car*

Please wear loose fitting clothing, no elastic or clothing that is constricting to the body and bring:

• Blankets and pillow

• Yoga mat

• Water

• Lip Balm

• Notebook and pen


About Finnian and Sydney –

Finnian is committed to living intentionally in every moment to align with his true self and fulfill his Personal Legend – to heal and awaken through intentionality and BEing in the now so others feel inspired to do the same. He is an impact-driven entrepreneur, keynote speaker, financial happiness expert and  a Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator.

Sydney is devoted to approaching every day with childlike wonder and enchantment and fulfilling her Personal Legend – to share joy and healing so that others are inspired to live more creative and intentional lifestyles full of love.   She is a social entrepreneur, Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator, and cacao ceremonialist. 

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