Celebration of Gratitude

This sacred place is in need of some essential investments.

We welcome your contribution to what most enlivens YOU!

ILLUMINATION of this sacred place and all it offers via:

GOAL: $4,550

  • Improved Lighting for The StarHouse, Retreat Cabin & Pathways
  • and a Website Redesign

PHYSICAL EMBRACE – provide building care and maintenance to include:

GOAL: $9,525  
  • Window Replacements
  • Floor Refinishing
  • Entryway Staining & Painting

DREAMS & VISIONS – empower the future through:

GOAL: $10,000
  • Sacred Arts Practitioner Program Scholarship Fund
  • Seeding the Dream of a Fellowship Hall (next to the Water House)

Want to contribute?

Click here to make an online donation:  

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