Circling Up with Melissa Michaels & Friends

Saturday, February 29th 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Too often, we stand alone.

We compete. We compare. We judge. We fight. We freeze. We shrink. We separate.

We forget…

That we, as women, need each other.


We need each other to be clear mirrors for one another, loving allies, generous friends. We need each other to inspire creativity. We need each other to lend a hand. We need each other to honor the power and vulnerability that we all feel. We need each other to help us up when we are falling. We need each other to stand by our sides when we are stepping up.We need each other to protect and serve life in ways that we can only do together.


So let’s CIRCLE UP!


We will step out of the day-to-day demands, investing in our bodies, hearts, and souls.


We will dance.

Into the warmth of our hearts, reweaving the fabric of women as allies.


We will dance until there is nothing left, but our most authentic selves intimately dancing within our sisterhood.Let’s gather.


Find our ground. Open our hearts. Be in our truths.





Women of all generations are welcome.

All who identify as female are welcome.



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