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The Sanctuary of Avalon

A private, transdenominational sanctuary of silence located in the US and UK. It supports and is maintained by practitioners of the Inner Temples and Inner Convocation® work developed by R.J. Stewart and shared with Anastacia Nutt, ASC Minister. The spiritual mission of The Sanctuary of Avalon is to foster a direct and enduring relationship between humanity and Divinity, through meditation and spiritual mediation. This current work is built upon the spiritual foundation for The Sanctuary of Avalon initiated by A.R. Heaver and Polly Wood, between 1950 and 1980. For more information on the fund and its work, email RJ Stewart at

Darren Silver Community Service Fund

Please support my new project towards the creation of a compilation of written works in the form of a book. Written works will examine initiation through story, mythology, and earth-based Philosophies, illuminating the soul journey towards a deeper relationship with one’s genius, gift, and community elements necessary for such awakenings.


Upon completion of written works, I will hold a series of readings, teachings, and classes directly associated with the written works, both in StarHouse, and elsewhere, with the aim of increasing awareness of content of the book .

Eve Burnham Community Service Fund

My main objective is to love and cherish and expand humanity’s capacity to love and cherish. I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in somatic counseling: body psychology at Naropa University and then a Ph.D in Integrative Therapies and Healing Modalities at Pacifica University. I believe it is very important to develop skill sets in modalities that are rooted in the body and to have a wide skill-set so that I am more adaptable to each client that comes through my door.  I believe that healing is an interdependent quest.

My desire is to help support individuals in doing their inner healing work and integrating their shadow so they can stand in greater integrity in themselves, devotion to their path, and greater discernment skills as they navigate this life. I am a single mother of 4 children and am asking for support for tuition for the 6 years of this educational experience, so I can focus on my studies and developing these capacities as well as raising my 4 children.