Embrace Nature

The StarHouse property is cared for in many ways:

  • it is certified organic
  • bio-dynamic practices are used on the land
  • no smoking, no open flames or fires of any kind and no firearms
  • prayer is practiced here

Lean up against one of the grand trees and enjoy the many fanciful shapes and colors in the meadow. Take in the sun radiance of St. John’s wort. Marvel at lichen-painted rocks sculpted by time, and enjoy the chickadees, eagles and hawks. Follow the great in-breath and out-breath of the seasons, from flowers to snow. Notice the grand canopy of the sky and stars that come out when city lights don’t interfere. Here is a place to experience the light of the stars, the glow of the Earth and the warmth of one anothers’ hearts.


Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit – William Abby

Nature is the art of God, La Natura e L’Arte di Dio – Dante Alighieri