Etheric Body Building – ONSITE

Saturday, August 15th 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Excessive screen time and isolation removes us from the greatest trainers we have in life—real living beings! Especially human ones!

Our abilities have atrophied somewhat! We need these capacities restored, and StarHouse and the surrounding Land can assist in our training.

We will meet in groups of ten or less up on the StarHouse property (practicing all the proper guidelines for physical distancing). We will learn techniques for building the etheric body (the energy body).

Our muscles respond to push-ups; our immune system—and heart and lungs—respond to posers of Nature and powers of other people (even when ‘distancing’). We can attune to Presence, and overcome some of the disadvantages of this time.

We will meet at the StarHouse promptly at 4pm. Wear comfortable clothes, bring water, a journal, colored pencils or pastels. Bring a mask if you feel more comfortable.

Presented by David & Lila Tresemer

Cost: $45

Member discount: $36


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