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Conscious Breathwork for Healing and Awakening

March 31 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Healing. Whole’ing. Awakening. Remembering.

Throughout the ages, humans have desired to step beyond the known to access higher, wider, deeper states of consciousness — through drumming, dancing, chanting, plant medicine, fasting, breathwork, etc. Allying with the medicine of our breath, we are able to access altered states of consciousness that allow us to explore areas of the unknown, the mysterious of our connection to the energies of creation, Creator.

Masterfully facilitating the sober modality of Conscious Breathwork, Gurpreet, returning for her 4th year at the Starhouse, gently guides you to connect with your own inner wisdom and guidance, to connect with the Great Mystery of life and of the greater energies of all creation, as you navigate yourself into the immense space of powerful transformation, healing, and awakening.

In this sacred container, you will experience a safe and held container for deep exploration of altered states of consciousness using your breath. You will access powerful yet gentle energies for healing on all levels — emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and more. The healing is often mystical and gorgeous in its nature as it involves the physical body, the mental, and the realm of spirt/ Spirit.

A gentle yet immensely powerful modality.

Reminding you of your own divinity within.

Your connection to the healing energies that live within you.

Your connection to the Great Mystery of All Creation.

Your connection to your Infinite Self. Limitless. Boundless.

This modality may:

  • promote healing on all levels (emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally)
  • connect with life-purpose, life path
  • dissolve trauma, limiting beliefs, restrictive patterning, blockages, PTSD
  • increase in compassion, empathy, kindness, grace for self and others
  • increase clarity, sense of well-being, trust, and safety
  • bring the subconscious to the conscious
  • connection to your greater truth
  • increase joy and bliss
  • lead to ecstatic experiences
  • offer spaciousness to continue to expand, to explore, to awaken

What to bring:

  • YOU
  • water bottle
  • your “nest” — yoga mat, pillow, eye mask, journal
  • a post session snack (high vibe suggested)

What to expect: the unexpected, the sublime, the immense

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Parking: please park in the parking lot above and walk down to the Starhouse

*Investment in Self: $55 ($5 of it goes towards Starhouse’s request for a direct donation from each participant)

*May be a higher amount for collaborations with other facilitators

PAYMENT OPTIONS: please provide your full name and the names of anyone accompanying you, along with the date you will attend:

No Refunds or Carry-overs

FB: @Breathworkforhealing

Conscious Breathwork & Intuitive Soul Work with Gurpreet Gill

Website: www.gurpreetkgill.com


March 31
6:00 PM - 2:00 PM




Australia — South Australia
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