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Map and Directions

The StarHouse is located close to downtown Boulder in beautiful Sunshine Canyon. From the corner of 4th and Mapleton (where you can often find other carpoolers), continue westward up Sunshine Canyon (Mapleton turns into Sunshine Canyon just west of 4th) for 3.5 miles. You will see a dirt driveway on your right with several numbers on a sign, including “3476.” Proceed up this driveway until you reach the crest of the hill. Park in the lot toward your right. You will see our entrance gate and a short pathway down to The StarHouse. Please carpool to all events. Note: On snow days, a four-wheel or AWD drive vehicle is essential.

Helpful Links
  • For information about Events, please go to Events
  • For information about Hosting an Event/Program at The StarHouse, please see Rent the Starhouse
Frequently Asked Questions about The StarHouse 

You are welcome to attend scheduled public events. See our Events listing for information at this link: The StarHouse Events. Members are entitled to visit the land for personal ritual and meditation when available. To become a Member go to this link: StarHouse Membership. Please contact ASC for more information on Sacred Site Tours at 303-245-8452.

Follow the directions above and park in the upper parking lot facing east. Walk to the entryway (made with large posts) and follow the path down to The StarHouse. It is about a 5 minute walk downhill so proper footwear is advised.

Check The StarHouse website Weather Updates/Announcements at this link: Weather Updates/Announcements for cancellation notification or call the phone line at 303-245-8452 and listen to the recording.

 Purchasing details for each event are included in the event description at this link: The StarHouse Events. Most events allow one to pay at the door with either cash or checks. Some events have advance ticket options on-line.

Yes, The StarHouse is available to rent for sacred events both public and private. Details are available at this link: Rent The StarHouse.

Handicapped persons or those with permission may park in the parking spots to the left of The StarHouse. There is a ramp outside of the west doors. Please notify the event Keeper of any special needs.

Yes, the StarHouse Retreat Cabin is available for rent during the warmer months generally late April through November. Details are available at this link: Stay at the Retreat Cabin.

Call the Administrative Director at 303-245-8452.

No it is a private road and property. Trespassers can be prosecuted pursuant to Colorado statute 18-4-504

  A: Yes please send an email of what you lost and at what event to