Goddess of America – Discovering an Essential Archetype of Freedom – ONLINE – Email Series

Sunday, August 9th

She exists. She has a complex history and an uncertain future.  

What if Remembering her can remind us what we are capable of?  

The Goddess of America course will create an opportunity to refine your own interest in this subject and  to create a “laboratory of consciousness” together!  

A 7-week Online Course with Lila Sophia Tresemer  

Hidden in plain sight on top of the U.S. Capitol Building in D.C is the glorious feminine statue of Freedom. Draped in the symbolism of the true founding of our country, including Native American, Greek and Roman symbolism, this figure represents a history that until recently has been largely forgotten.    

We invite you to meet the Goddess of America, known as the Goddess of Freedom, sometimes referred to as Columbia. (“District of Columbia” is directly related to her.)    

Imagine that Columbia and the Goddess of Freedom watch this nation from afar, inspiring inner guidance and outer strength. Draped in a ceremonial robe and crowned with a full-bodied eagle, she is a symbol that provides a key to the map of our country’s hidden spiritual roots and the crucial need of the Sacred Feminine to restore balance in our society.  

Join this study as a community, together in the weeks ahead. Lila has dedicated over 40 years to the Feminine archetypes and principles that provide inspiration and direction. There are 21 Lessons dedicated to the history and the integration of The Goddess of America. 

You can complete the series in your own time; there are also occasional group phone calls along the way to provide connection and conversation. 

3 Lessons will arrive each week for 7 weeks, and 3 group phone calls will be scheduled and recorded for those who can’t make them.

Please email if you have further questions or inquiries. LilaPlays@icloud.com



General Admission: $84

StarHouse Member: $68

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