Introduction to 12 Senses

Thursday, April 23rd 7:00 pm

Free Introductory Zoom Call

David and Lila Tresemer will be offering a 6-Session Course on The Twelve Senses.  The course will begin on Thursday, April 30th.  Please join the Introduction call to familiarize you with this material, and to help determine if you are called to it!  

This work is designed to enhance the awareness of Portals:  each of the 12 Senses offers an opportunity to expand across a threshold from outside to inside—taking in more information and details.  And also, to expand from inside to outside—expanding personal awareness from Self Realization, to Earth Realization. The 12 Senses offer the doors. For most human beings, they are mostly shut—open just a crack for emergencies. We propose to help you open them a little bit more.

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