Read About the People Who Tend This Land

Jim Paschis

Jim has provided maintenance services to All Seasons Chalice since 1997. He maintains road access and watchful forestry care by mitigation of mountain pine beetles that have invaded the verdant Ponderosa pine forest enclosing the many facilities here. He assisted with construction of the Water House bathroom facility and adjacent picnic tables. Passing by Mary’s Well you may see his donated Morning Sun View stone sculpture showing buttressed gravity through geometry in geology using gneiss. Along with Jerry Gehringer and Valiant Villaneuva, Jim constructed the stone surrounds at the ASC parking area and the tall timbered entry opening to the meadow pathway descending to the StarHouse. Jim is also the resident geologist accepting inquires on that applied science at this very attractive view overlooking Denver and the Great Plains to the east and the majestic Continental Divide of the United States of America to our west.