New Moon – ONLINE

Wednesday, September 16th 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Connect with this Leo new moon (Sidereal astrology) to discover and remember the cosmic support available for journeying well during these times!  The guiding “image” for this new moon will nurture our time together—one full of the warmth of youthfulness, music, and celebration as we approach Autumn Equinox.

The evening will spotlight a medicinal plant that works closely with this cycle of the moon, invite the heart-warming remembrance of union, touch on some meditative impulses, and share a star poem for this cycle (based on the Solar Cross work of David Tresemer). 

NEW: You will also receive a thoughtfully crafted virtual Sacred Rhythm Kit to enhance and support your experience with this lunar cycle! Inspired by this Sacred Place and drawn from the wisdom and skill of the stellar StarHouse New Moon team, this collection of resources will be delivered to your inbox and include divine plant/planet imagery, this new moon star poem, an embodiment practice, and a seasonal tea recipe and ritual. 
We hope you will join us! Learn more here.

Cost: $30

Member Discount: $25


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