StarHouse Programs

Our 2020 Clear Vision

All Seasons’ Chalice is Transforming Life on Earth with programs that elevate human
consciousness through exploration and support of our relationship to the Earth, Stars, and the Web of Life

To meet this exciting Vision, we’re expanding our dynamic Sacred Arts Programs in 2020,
deepening personal/earth/star connection, awareness, and skills for our changing times.

In 2020, the StarHouse co-founders, David and Lila Tresemer, will re-invigorate the Temple,
bringing their wisdom, and interactive teaching style to the community!

Join them for these additional offerings. (for details:

  • Exploring the Twelve Senses : Expanding through senses as Portals allows us to enrich both our experience in Matter, as well as the knowing that comes from Pure Awareness, from the Unified Field.
  • StarHouse Mysteries : Learn the keys, codes and geometries that make the Temple unique in the world.Discover how to use this sacred site and connect directly to Earth and Star wisdom.
  • StarFire Astrology Program : Learn your place among the stars.
Honoring ASC’s ceremonial lineage, StarHouse Minister, Candice Knight and Priestess, Susie Kincade, facilitate this deep dive into creating and holding powerful ceremony for yourself and the world.
New and Full moons: Heal, connect, honor your place in the celestial cycles.

Seasonal Events

Equinox and Solstices: Discover and deepen into these seasonal patterns, gifts of the earth and stars, brought through the StarHouse as a celestial map.
We invite you to participate, and embody a collective Sacred Culture that works synergistically for transformation