Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools – ONSITE

Thursday, July 16th 4:00-6:00 pm

With David and Lila Tresemer –

Several tools on the StarHouse Land can be useful for expanding consciousness; a few of them can be used during times of “physical-distancing.” Two groups will form, then change location. Everyone will experience all the sites.

  1. David will work with the Double-Tetrahedron Swing: Tetrahedron means four-sided, each side a triangle; the root form of the element of warmth. One sits inside of two interlocking tetrahedra, used in several ancient traditions as a meditation tool—and here we make it physical. Through the subtle movements of this device, one re-negotiates one’s relationship to gravity (the love of the earth). This experience can be quite powerful; it’s very important that a session be supervised.
  2. Lila will take a group to the Tetraktys, the Power Tower, and include a refreshing stop at Mary’s Well. All three of these sites hold a power place on the Land. Experiencing them with a small group who will engage with ceremonial essence at each site.

Facilitated by David & Lila Tresemer. Bring journal to note your experiences and your observations of others.

Here is one testimonial/account about the Double-Tetrahedron: Within seconds of sitting in the Double Tetrahedron swing, I could feel my legs and hips begin to grow thick, deep roots into the ground and with the earth, continuously growing deeper roots. While that was happening, my attention went to the core of my body, from my belly to my heart. This part of my body felt stronger than ever. For the first time in my life, I felt my core had power. Then I realized that this is where I contained my personal power and strength. Simultaneously to both of these experiences, I felt my shoulders, neck and head rising higher and higher, with an intoxicating yet gentle pull toward the heavens. All three of these emotions were happening at once. I could have stayed in the swing much longer but my earthly body needed to return. With gratitude, Janiece Hoffman (author of “Relationship Rules”)

Cost: $45

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