A series devoted to working the StarHouse as instrument for greater understanding of self and cosmos…and the Earth that supports us.

*Sophia literally means “wisdom” in Greek; she is, in our experience, a much needed frequency of Feminine Wisdom in these times. She is the Great Mother, the Sacred Feminine essence of Life. She has many names…”Sophia” is ours!

12 Senses and The StarHouse Mysteries

We seek to work with a committed group of sovereign individuals who understand the need to enter ekstasis* in the Collective, and to align intention with the Intelligence of the One.


StarHouse and the surrounding EarthStar property (105 acres) provides a Place, a series of sacred, dedicated sites, where humans can interact with geometries, Nature, the elements and Universal principles that govern creation.


*Ekstasis–literally, ‘ecstasy’–we use it to mean “finding the Unified Field of collective, transformative potential”

Exploring The 12 SENSES

Tuesday Evening Series

Each of our twelve senses (we work with 12, including the usual 5) connects physical experience, through soul, to the cosmos. Each has been a gift from the zodiac. StarHouse is a perfect place to learn about how we expand across the Threshold to greater Awareness, as we enhance our sensory world. In 2020, we will work with these portals, one polarity at a time. 

Each of these 6 evenings, “The Senses as Thresholds between Spirit and Embodiment” stands on its own; together, they span the entire 12 poles of the StarHouse, working with the 6 polarities, i.e. 2 Senses each evening.  Each session will be recorded.


StarHouse Mysteries

Learn the keys, codes and geometries that make the Temple unique in the world. Discover how to use this sacred site and connect directly to Earth and Star wisdom.

StarHouse is a Temple of Sacred Structure, supported by the Temples of Nature—wild nature surrounding it, and cultivated nature in our organic gardens on the property. The Mysteries of StarHouse series began in the autumn of 2019 to introduce some of the keys, codes, and activations of this sacred instrument. 

$350 ($325 StarHouse Members)—(scholarships available by application)


Friday, September 25th 7:00 – 9:00
Saturday, September 26th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm