StarHouse New Moon – ONLINE

Tuesday, August 18th 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Connect with the Leo new moon (Sidereal astrology) to discover and remember the cosmic support available for journeying well during these times!  The “image” for this new moon highlights the challenge and opportunity of discerning truth from lies, as so many layers for healing continue to arise. 

The evening will spotlight a medicinal plant that works closely with this cycle of the moon, invite exploring your own human heart in a whole new light, touch on some meditative impulses, and share a star poem for this cycle (based on the Solar Cross work of David Tresemer). This experience is co-facilitated by a stellar StarHouse team!

COMING SOON! Join a three month StarHouse New Moon journey this autumn to deepen into the cycle of the Sun-Moon dance and connect in with this Sacred Place. Hand-crafted Sacred Rhythm Kits to enhance your experience with each lunar cycle will be offered for purchase, as well! 


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