StarHouse New Moon – Online

Sunday, December 13th 6:00-8:00 pm

As Earth’s closest celestial neighbor, the moon has a sacred rhythm of 29.5 days. Once a month, the moon sits squarely between the Earth and the Sun, which we call the New Moon. It’s a wonderful time to come together in community as we attune to the dance of the sun, moon, and Earth!

Connect with this Scorpio new moon (Sidereal astrology) to discover and remember the cosmic support available for journeying well during these times! The guiding “image” for this new moon attunes us to the Sense of Life—and how our experiences are both overlaid with and created through the stories we tell.

The evening will spotlight a medicinal plant that works closely with this cycle of the moon, bring us into the mystery of our own unlocking, touch on some meditative impulses, and share a star poem for this cycle (based on the Solar Cross work of David Tresemer). 

Facilitated by a stellar StarHouse team including Holly McCann, Tracy Koivisto, and Corin Blanchard.
We hope you will join us! Learn more.

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