StarHouse Sustainability Fund

All Seasons Chalice is the non-profit 501 3 (c) that manages and maintains the StarHouse. We are celebrating our 30th Anniversary in 2020 with an intention for sustainability to support the next evolution of this Sacred Temple. Our Boulder County zoning limits our number of visitors to 8000 per year. This number divided by operating expenses translates to $24 per visitor. In the past, the StarHouse, surrounding Land, and Sacred Sites, have been subsidized by an endowment that is no longer available as a resource, for many years expenses have exceeded income.

Your contribution supports a sustainability fund for the operating costs for StarHouse to include:

  • Maintenance and Structure Improvements
  • Road and parking lot maintenance
  • Property taxes
  • Plowing
  • Water
  • Fire wood
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
We appreciate your support as a StarHouse Sustainer! Together, we hold Sacred Structure surrounded by Sacred Nature for generations to come. You are a vital part in Transforming Life on Earth through programs and offerings at our Sacred Temple! This fee may be included in your event registration or ticket price.