The Sanctuary of StarHouse


Holding Space for Sacred Serenity During These Times

The StarHouse—our place to belong, our home, a temple of transformation—is holding space for your sacred serenity in these mysterious times of uncertainty.

Our dedication as a trans-denominational temple is a devotion to connect Earth, Stars and human hearts. 

While all programs and events are on hold at this time, we can continue to build our etheric bodies, strengthen our immune systems, and nurture health through Connection ~ to nature and to each other, heart to heart. 



Each day at 12:12 p.m. we invite you to imagine yourself in the Sanctuary of the StarHouse for a Silent Moment. 

Tune into the deep peace and support available to you from the heart of this Sacred Temple as we share a collective breath…together.

As we collectively find the path of right relationship through true connection to the Web of Life and each other, remember to drop into the core of StarHouse, find inner calm, and keep the Temple fire ablaze!  



We are committed to fostering connection in ways that are aligned with and support our collective health, so are currently creating:

  • Opportunities for small groups of members and supporters of the StarHouse to visit the Land and Sacred Sites. Updates and details to register will be posted on the new website: 
  • Virtual offerings from the Temple of Nature, the Temple of Sacred Structure, and the Temple of the Body that will be shared via Facebook. Click here to follow the StarHouse.

Now is a time for courage, leadership and strength; a time to stand in your light and love for the world, a time to share, listen, and be held by one another and the StarHouse. 

Blessings to you all!

All Seasons Chalice Board & Staff 


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