The 12 Senses -Thresholds between Spirit and Embodiment – Tuesday Night Series – ONLINE

Tuesday, October 6th 5:45 - 8:00 pm

Our senses function as portals to reality—and as blockades. When we become aware of 12 senses—beyond the traditional 5—we realize how aware we can become … and how shut-down we are most of the time. The senses can become doorways through which we can experience more of what is all around us yet we don’t perceive—to help us build relationships with intelligences vaster than ours, and to build resilience in ourselves needed for these changing times. And to enhance the full experience of life everyday. We use the wheel of 12 zodiacal signs as mytho-poetic aids to understand the senses that we have as potential, and to help us open up our windows to worlds of wonder.

Experience 12 Senses in this six session, online course with Lila and David Tresemer.


VIEW: Details on How, What and Why regarding the 12 Senses

Each of these 6 evenings, “The Senses as Thresholds between Spirit and Embodiment” span the entire 12 poles of the StarHouse, working with the 6 polarities, i.e. 2 Senses each evening.

Tuesday, October 6: 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Part One of Six) The polarity of Virgo – Pisces.

Tuesday, October 13: 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Part Two of Six) The polarity of Leo – Aquarius  

Tuesday, October 22: 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Part Three of Six) The polarity of Cancer – Capricorn

Tuesday, October 27: 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Part Four of Six)  The polarity of Gemini – Sagittarius

Tuesday, November 3: 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Part Five of Six)  The polarity of Taurus – Scorpio 

Tuesday, November 10: 5:45 – 8:00 pm (Part Six of Six) The polarity of Aries – Libra


All 6 evenings $150 ($130 StarHouse members)

*Cost is flexible according to your situation



“I found the course fascinating, with much content to continue to work with afterwards. Thank you for the recordings and workbook to deepen my understanding of these very deep concepts. I enjoyed the zoom format – Lila and David’s lectures, the break out rooms, the preparation “handouts” and the tours of the Star House, how it relates to the land and cosmos. It was nice to get to know people over a long period of time.” – RJ

“Congratulations Lila and David!! This program was excellent. You have mastered the online technology; pacing and voice was great; content and workbook was masterful; breakout discussion groups were warm and relational and practical for digestion of the constructs.” – KT

“Learning about and becoming aware through the 12 senses has the potential to add depth, richness and enjoyment to daily existence, as well as help guide us in making practical choices towards greater well being.” – SP

“I love the way this course equips me to use one of the greatest portals to divine essence and knowledge: me! I get to take this knowledge and enhance my capacity to see, understand, feel, and hold all that is sacred. ” – EB

“The practice of expanding my awareness through the senses we focused on each session, gave me a tool by which I could lift my attention out of global anxieties, and connect to the present experience of where I stand, in a way that ignites within me a renewed interest and excitement in the act of living.” – Shakti

“In a time of so much chaos and fear, the 12 senses course provided me with many ways to find my ground again, to understand and be able to see the bigger picture and feel more at peace. – Eve

“We live in a time when our senses are either assaulted or overstimulated to the point of shutdown. There is a profound wisdom on how healthy development of our senses leads to the development of healthy personality in the human being. In psychology personality is one of the most stable traits; imagine the service you would be doing by developing it in a healthy way. And yet, what mainstream psychology does not consider, is how we can work with our personality via the senses. David and Lila offer a safe and gentle, yet profound way of doing just that.” – Zheni

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