Way of Nature

Saturday, May 23rd 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

In the Wildlands of StarHouse

Experiential and playful, this weekend immersion offers foundational teachings of wilderness survival with an emphasis on initiation and soulful connection to the natural world.


What will you learn?

Survival and long-term shelter, primitive fire and fire uses, tracking, awareness, bird-language, plant identification and uses, teachings on ritual and initiation.


Who is this for?

Guides, educators, nature lovers, mentors, those seeking to deepen their relationship to the natural world through hands-on-skills and ritual.


Details & Dates:


Level 1: May 23rd-24th


Level 1: June 13th-14:



Pricing: $350. Register by April 1st for early bird pricing of $300.


Location: 3472 Sunshine Canyon Drive,

Boulder, CO, 80302


Registration deadline: May 5th, 2020


To Register go to: http://www.darrensilver.earth/way-of-nature

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